2019-07-19 Libra First Impressions Part 3: How to Issue ERC20 token on Libra with Move Language
2019-07-19 Libra深度剖析③ 如何基于 ERC20 标准在 Libra 上发布金融资产
2019-07-01 Libra First Impressions Part 2: Deep dive with a Libra transaction
2019-07-01 Libra深度剖析② Validator 如何验证交易
2019-09-20 如何使用BUIDL 发布一个自己的区块链网站
2019-08-05 Meetup#7:Libra 智能合约技术详解
2019-08-05 Smart Contract Meetup 7: Libra Deep Dive
2019-06-20 Libra First Impressions Part 1: Smart Contracts are not created equal
2019-05-10 How does rules engine help the blockchain adoption
2017-11-11 I accidentally killed it (and evaporated $300 million)
2019-09-01 Ethereum Classic partners with Second State to build the next generation Ethereum infrastructure
2019-04-19 EDCON 2019 — The annual community Ethereum development conference
2018-01-05 First impressions of Ethereum’s Casper — Proof of Stake (PoS)
2019-07-03 Blockchain search engine — real-time data for decentralized applications (DApps)
2019-03-19 The lean blockchain startup — a new strategy to grow and prosper!
2019-08-26 Second State Finalisted in Qualcomm Innovate in Taiwan Challenge, Driving the Blockchain Chips Revolution
2019-07-24 After Raising $3 Million, Blockchain Technology Startup, Second State, Aims to Bring Smart Contracts to Businesses
2019-07-14 FairPlay: a new type of DApp
2019-08-19 Team HITCON, with Second State's developer as a core, scored the second in DEF CON
2019-07-14 FairPlay: a new type of DApp
2019-06-21 Libra深度剖析:智能合约并非生而平等 ①