Addressing the challenges of today’s Ethereum smart contract development

Second State at DevCon5

The first photo is from our session on the first day of Devcon. It is standing room only. We gave a very technical presentation and did all of our live demos from the BUIDL IDE with great success.

The focus of our session is to address the challenges of today’s Ethereum smart contract development. We discussed solutions we have developed for today’s EVM, as well as future solutions for Ethereum 2.0. You can read about the challenges and our solutions here.

Second State is a key innovator in the EVM space

Second State at DevCon5

The second photo is from a Devcon keynote presentation by Terry Culver of ETC Labs. Second State is featured as a major innovator in EVM. Together with our partners at Ethereum Classic, CyberMiles, and now Ethereum, we are building the next generation EVM language toolchains based on LLVM and execution engines based on WebAssembly WASM.

Collaboration with Ethereum team to build the next-gen compiler toolchain

Second State at DevCon5

The third photo shows the Second State compiler team demonstrating our solution to the Ethereum Foundation Solidity team. The Second State SOLL tool is the world’s first to successfully compile a Solidity ERC20 contract into WASM bytecode and deploy it on the official Ewasm testnet. The outcome of this meeting is that we will collaborate with the Ethereum Foundation team to build the next-gen compiler toolchain for both Solidity and Vyper languages.

Overall, Second State had a very successful Devcon5, and ETC Summit in the week before. We made new friends and forged important partnerships. May the force be with us!

PS. The Second State SOLL team received a cash award from the Ethereum Foundation in the following week in Taipei.

PPS. If you are interested in the evolution of EVM technology, please checkout an excellent article written by our engineer Tim McCallum