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SAN FRANCISCO (Sept. 24, 2019) —Second State, developer of an open source, blockchain-based smart contract platform for global business, has announced the launch of its BUIDL IDE, an integrated development environment software application for Ethereum Classic (ETC), the preeminent blockchain for smart contracts and “dapps.” With Second State’s BUIDL IDE, development and deployment on ETC can be done within minutes, from any web browser:


Decentralized applications are collaborative, censorship-resistant applications built on blockchain smart contracts. These include cryptocurrencies, crypto exchanges, prediction markets, peer-to-peer e-commerce, payments, and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Ethereum, the world’s first and dominant smart contract platform, has the largest dapp ecosystem with more than a million deployed smart contracts and hundreds of millions of dollars in monthly transactions. However, compared with web and mobile app development, it is still very difficult for developers to get started with dapp development. Developers and users must be familiar with cryptocurrency, crypto wallet, blockchain nodes, RPC services, web3, a variety of tools, specialized programming languages, frameworks, and services. All of this has hampered dapp adoption greatly.

In addition, the Ethereum blockchain is operating most recently near its capacity. This means that not only is the gas price required for developers and users to operate smart contracts 10 times its value compared to earlier in the year, but now it also takes hours for a smart contract transaction to get confirmed on the network.

The State of Ethereum Classic

Ethereum Classic, one of the most secure and decentralized blockchain networks today, is fully compatible with the Ethereum blockchain (ETH) but much faster (i.e. transactions confirmed within seconds) and much cheaper (gas fee 1% of ETH). Developers are looking at Ethereum Classic as a serious alternative to the Ethereum blockchain.

“Ethereum Classic is not just the original Ethereum blockchain,” Elizabeth Kukka, Executive Director of Ethereum Classic Labs, said. “It also is the most dapp-friendly Ethereum blockchain with its very low gas fees, store-of-value native cryptocurrency, and fast confirmation times. We look forward to collaborating with Second State to further empower our developer communities.”

However, developer tools on Ethereum Classic have been traditionally lacking, and, as a result, far fewer smart contracts and dapps are deployed on Ethereum Classic. This is what Second State aims to change.

The Future with BUIDL IDE

Second State’s BUIDL IDE is a web-based integrated development environment that requires no software download or install. It provides a one-stop development and deployment environment for smart contract and dapp developers. More importantly, with one click, developers can publish a complete dapp on the web for everyone to interact with blockchain smart contracts.

Prior to BUIDL, developers would have to endure many steps in order to deploy a dapp on a public blockchain. Time consuming, this could take four to eight hours to complete the entire setup. Developers should install Chrome browser and Metamask, and set up the accounts, the network and blockchain nodes. (For a tutorial on how to create a wallet-free, cryptocurrency-free and wait-free dapp on BUIDL, visit

Blockchain development before/after

“I am delighted to see Second State launch BUIDL for ETC,” Bob Summerwill, Executive Director of the ETC Cooperative, said. “There has been a developer need for such a tool since the death of the much beloved Ethereum Studio many years ago. It is marvelous to see Second State launching BUIDL for ETC to fill this need, and to help provide an easier onramp for developers to develop on ETC.”

Working with ETC Labs and the ETC Cooperative, Second State has released a special version of its BUIDL IDE for the Ethereum Classic blockchain. Developers now can develop and deploy in the Ethereum Classic blockchain in minutes, from any web browser, with no software to download or install. Here’s how:

  1. Open the BUIDL for ETC IDE via
  2. Open the Accounts tab and send a little ETC (0.1 ETC) to the default address to use as gas for deployment on the Ethereum Classic blockchain. If you do not know how to get ETC, send an e-mail to to request some.
  3. Develop, debug, deploy, and publish your dapp! Learn more at

About Second State

Second State focuses on building and commercializing open-source blockchain infrastructure software. It develops a full stack of developer tools and runtime technologies for smart contract platforms, including the BUIDL IDE. Based in Austin, Texas, Second State has development offices in China (Beijing and Taipei) and Australia. A member of the ETC Labs incubator program, it recently closed a $3 million funding round led by Susquehanna International Group.

Founded in 2019, Second State’s vision is that complex, versatile business applications will drive enterprise blockchain adoption. Unlike traditional blockchain software providers who focus on the data ledger, Second State develops and commercializes “blockchain middleware,” which consists of virtual machine, rules engine, search engine, and data services that empower a new generation of blockchain applications with much improved user experience and developer productivity.

Media Contact: Miley Fu